What is Captagon, the drug mass-produced in Syria?

The psychostimulant drug is a huge concern for countries in the Middle East. What is it, and where does it come from? Captagon, commonly known as “poor man’s cocaine,” has… Read more

Refugees in Germany are often overqualified and underpaid

A new study has found that refugees in Germany have overall integrated well into the workforce. But many are overqualified for the jobs that they do. Obada Hijjo has not… Read more

War in Ukraine, earthquakes: Why we get compassion fatigue

Compassion fatigue is a natural response to overexposure to suffering, but it can be rebuilt. It’s all in the way media and social media users represent crises. It’s easy to… Read more

What causes death after rescue?

They survived the earthquakes in Turkey or Syria, waited days under the rubble for help, were rescued — and died shortly after. What causes post-rescue death? After the massive earthquakes… Read more

What is ‘rescue death’?

There are people who survived the earthquake in Turkey or in Syria, trapped under the rubble, waited days to be rescued, and were saved — only to die shortly afterward.… Read more

Turkey-Syria earthquakes: German, Austrian rescuers suspend work over security

More than 24,000 people have been confirmed dead in Turkey and Syria after Monday’s earthquakes with multiple aftershocks. DW has the latest. German and Austrian rescue teams have suspended operations… Read more

Ghanaian footballer Christian Atsu rescued alive from a collapsed building in Turkey

Ghanaian footballer Christian Atsu has been found alive after being trapped under the rubble of a collapsed building following Monday’s earthquakes in southern Turkey near the Syrian border, the vice… Read more
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