Snowstorm causes massive power cuts across Ukraine

Snowstorms and strong winds have left more than 2,000 towns and villages without power across many regions of Ukraine, local officials say. They say 48 people, including children, have been… Read more

Putin critic Girkin wants Russia presidential run

An outspoken pro-war blogger who has fiercely criticised Russia’s military strategy in Ukraine has said he wants to challenge Vladimir Putin in March’s presidential elections. Igor Girkin, also known as… Read more

Ukrainian men flee the draft in their thousands

Nearly 20,000 men have fled Ukraine since the beginning of the war to avoid being drafted, the BBC has discovered. Some have swum dangerous rivers to leave the country. Others… Read more

Keeping lights off: Undocumented Afghans go underground in Pakistan

By Ariba Shahid and Mohammad Yunus Yawar KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) – After living in Pakistan for years, thousands of Afghans have gone into hiding to escape a government order to… Read more

‘I don’t recall’: Ivanka Trump testifies in father’s New York fraud trial

“I don’t recall,” Ivanka Trump repeatedly told a New York court on Wednesday as she took the witness stand at her father’s $250m fraud trial and was quizzed about deals… Read more

Ukrainians fear drone shortages due to China restrictions

Drones have had a profound effect on the war in Ukraine, used in great quantities by both sides. China’s move to place restrictions on exports, however, has led to concerns… Read more

First grain ships arrive in Ukraine using new route

Two cargo ships have arrived at a Ukrainian port after travelling through the Black Sea using a new route, Ukrainian port authorities said. They reached Chornomorsk on Saturday, and were… Read more

Taiwan tells Elon Musk it is ‘not for sale’

Taiwan has told billionaire Elon Musk it is “not for sale” after he said the island was a part of China. “Listen up, Taiwan is not part of the PRC… Read more

Libyan rivals ‘co-ordinating over flood disaster’

The two rival governments in Libya are co-ordinating relief efforts for flood victims, the UN has said. More than 5,300 people died after two dam bursts brought devastating floods to… Read more

Russian drones threaten Ukraine’s economic lifeline

Nightly Russian drone attacks on Ukraine’s River Danube ports are threatening to choke off one of Kyiv’s vital economic lifelines. Attacks which began over a month ago have intensified in… Read more
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