Powering up policy lands with a thump

The UK government’s big reveal on how to transform the country’s energy supply and market has not impressed those in Scotland who have to make it work. The finance sector… Read more

Government sets out ‘adaptable’ regulation for AI

The government has set out plans to regulate artificial intelligence with new guidelines on “responsible use”. Describing it as one of the “technologies of tomorrow”, the government said AI contributed… Read more

African cricket ‘chops’ Hundred in favour of T10

Organisers of a proposed new pan-continental limited overs competition in Africa have decided against adopting The Hundred format, opting for T10 instead. The Africa Cricket Association (ACA) told BBC Sport… Read more

Europe risks being ‘a spectator in next space race’

Europe must develop its own independent means of getting astronauts into space or risk missing out on the next big tech boom, warns an influential panel. Its report, commissioned by… Read more

Gene-edited food now legal to be sold in England

Gene-edited food can now be developed commercially in England after a change in the law. Supporters of the technology say it will speed up the development of hardier crops that… Read more

What is gene-edited food and is it safe to eat?

The law has changed to allow gene-edited food to be developed and sold in England. The government hopes the technology will boost jobs and improve food production, but safety and… Read more

Uni is £30bn ‘economic powerhouse’ – report

Cambridge University is a research powerhouse which adds nearly £30bn to the UK economy a year, a report said. Analysis by London Economics found £23bn of this came from spinout… Read more

U.S. to send $1 billion in military aid to bolster Ukrainian fight

BRUSSELS — The United States will send an additional $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine, President Biden announced Wednesday, bolstering Ukrainian forces as they are pummeled by a Russian… Read more

Giant tortoise believed extinct confirmed alive in Galápagos Islands

The “fantastic giant tortoise” — a rare Galápagos species with a huge, flared shell — has only been identified once, more than a century ago, in 1906. It’s since widely… Read more

Slain journalist’s fiancee slams Biden for plan to visit Saudi Arabia

The fiancee of slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi said Wednesday she was “very disappointed” in President Joe Biden’s plan to meet with Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, who the U.S.… Read more
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