A premium destination, Hong Kong should aim high to revive its tourism and economy

The slow recovery of Hong Kong’s tourism, as Hongkongers themselves flock north, is a cautionary tale about reliance on easy money While Hong Kong cannot possibly compete with mainland cities… Read more

What a Blow: Kenyan Woman Planning to Travel to Meet Mzungu Bae Does This after UK Visa Is Denied

A Kenyan woman could not believe she would not be spending her dating anniversary with her mzungu boyfriend She cried while revealing that her visa was unapproved and confessed how… Read more

Too cold to swim… “Shiretoko sinking accident with 26 victims: “The inexperienced captain left the ship in the hands of the ship’s president, who was not at the office.

Once again, the sloppiness of the situation has come to light. On September 7, the Transport Safety Board of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) released its… Read more

Why You Should Think Twice Before Ordering Tea Or Coffee On A Plane

When it comes to air travel, we often seek comfort in a nice cup of tea or coffee to rejuvenate ourselves. However, a closer look at the water source might… Read more

Video: Woman Narrates How She Lost Wig after Bus Was Hijacked

A lady took a bus from Johannesburg all the way to Cape Town and regretted it when disaster ensued during her trip The lady made a video showing people the… Read more

Bad Odour? See Why Airline Kicks Out Thi Family from Flight

An air passenger, Yossi Adler, his wife, Jennie and their baby were asked to leave an aeroplane after complaints by other passengers The man and his family were reportdely accused… Read more

Derna: The Libyan city known for rebellion — and neglect

Before this week’s storm, the eastern port city, where flooding killed thousands, was best known for its revolutionary thinking, Islamist extremists and coastal scenery. Throughout its history, the coastal Libyan… Read more

Residents moved from Belfast hotel during fire

Dozens of residents and staff were moved out of a hotel in Belfast city centre following a fire at the premises on Thursday evening. Fire crews dealt with the incident… Read more

Venice gives green light to ticket ‘experiment’ for tourists

Venice officials agreed Tuesday to test a fee on day tourists to the overcrowded historic centre, weeks after UNESCO warned it could list the city as an at-risk world heritage… Read more

“Should have stayed at home”; video of mother soothing baby during flight sparks controversy

The video of a mother soothing her baby during a plane journey has stirred controversy on social media: “should have stayed at home.” +Police officer narrowly escapes deadly fire, and… Read more
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