Keeping lights off: Undocumented Afghans go underground in Pakistan

By Ariba Shahid and Mohammad Yunus Yawar KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) – After living in Pakistan for years, thousands of Afghans have gone into hiding to escape a government order to… Read more

Pakistan police widen Sara Sharif family search

Pakistan police have said they are widening the search for the family of Sara Sharif – the 10-year-old girl found dead at her home in Surrey. Sara’s body was discovered… Read more

Lawyer who called Pakistan army ‘terrorists’ bailed

A prominent Pakistani human rights lawyer who was arrested on terror charges has been granted bail. Imaan Mazari-Hazir was arrested by plain-clothed officers who entered her home at about 0330… Read more

An India-Pakistan PUBG love story that ended in jail

The love story of a Pakistani woman and an Indian man who met through PUBG has been making headlines in India after the couple landed up in jail. Seema Ghulam… Read more
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