An air taxi in Paris for the 2024 Olympics? A project spinning heads

Taking to the air rather than the road may soon be possible in Paris: an electric air taxi service is in the pipeline and could be launched during the 2024… Read more

Iliass Aouani sees more than just racist slurs on social media

The words of Iliass Aouani History and the future, an Olympic champion and a new Italian record holder. In this week’s episode of Athletics TV talk, Athens 2004 marathon gold… Read more

French MPs battle over AI-assisted Olympics surveillance

French government plans to trial surveillance cameras upgraded with artificial intelligence at the 2024 Olympics have opponents fuming at what they say is unnecessary and dangerous security overreach. While the… Read more

Paris Olympics: Dissident Belarusians abandoned by IOC

The IOC faces growing criticism over plans to let Russians and Belarusians into the Paris Olympics. But athletes from Belarus who openly oppose President Alexander Lukashenko risk being left behind,… Read more

Paris 2024 Olympics: Europe’s politicians against Russia

IOC President Thomas Bach’s attempt to get Russian and Belarusian athletes competing under a neutral flag at the 2024 Olympics Games in Paris has brought European politicians to the fore.… Read more
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