UK: €4.6 billion AUKUS nuclear sub contract to counter China

British Defense Minister Grant Schapps has made a statement on the joint Australia, UK, US project. The new sub is a reaction to China’s military ambitions in the Indo-Pacific. Speaking… Read more

From Vietnam to Indonesia and Singapore, delivery riders struggle as ‘supply and demand not matching’

The delivery services sector has provided work for women seeking flexible hours, second jobs for students, and opportunities for low-skilled workers But in Southeast Asia, this is creating a race… Read more

Equities retreat with US rates back in focus

Asian and European stock markets mostly fell Monday and the dollar rose as relief over a last-minute deal to avoid a US government shutdown gave way to renewed concerns over… Read more

Masdar, PLN NP to triple Indonesia’s Cirata floating solar PV capacity

It will expand the plant’s capacity by up to 500 MW. Masdar and PLN Nusantara Power (PLN NP) signed a deal to increase the capacity of Southeast Asia’s largest floating… Read more

Refinancing loans drive up mortgages by 26.9% in August

Mortgages for financing new homes or primary market transactions fell 19.8%. Residential mortgage loans extended in Hong Kong rose by 26.9% in August to HK$35.6b, according to data from the… Read more

BVB rally after Hidroelectrica IPO dividends only partly confirmed so far

The dividends distributed by Fondul Proprietatea (BVB: FP) after the Hidroelectrica IPO in the summer are expected to push up prices at the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), but the surge… Read more

Brazilian Justice orders Google to compensate woman exposed on Street View

Google has been ordered to compensate a woman whose image was published on Google Maps’ Street View feature without her authorization. + iPhone 15 Pro Max fails in durability test,… Read more

India’s private space sector skyrockets

When Indian entrepreneur Awais Ahmed founded his satellite startup in Bangalore in 2019, his country was still a year away from opening the space industry to the private sector. “When… Read more

New CEO of Hong Kong’s Octopus says payment service must shift ‘from plastic to phone’, and vows to put more readers in taxis

Tim Ying says company was gearing up to meet the needs of the new generation by investing more in mobile operations He also stresses need for Octopus to make inroads… Read more

Sydney’s home rental pressures “unlikely to abate”: JLL

Blame it on the insufficient new supply. According to a JLL report, underlying demand for apartments should continue to be boosted by high levels of migration in Sydney. The lower… Read more
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