Pope Francis to be discharged from the hospital in time for Easter mass

After widespread concern over the pontiff’s health, the Vatican said he will attend the Easter mass. Francis was hospitalized just weeks after his tenth anniversary as the head of the… Read more

February earthquakes leave Turkey without more than 20 percent of its agricultural production

The earthquakes that struck southern Turkey on February 6 caused the agricultural sector to lose more than 20 percent of food production, according to a report that also urges the… Read more

Top EU officials double down on support for Romania’s accession to Schengen

The head of the center-right European People’s Party (EPP) and the executive vice president of the European Commission have restated their support for Romania’s accession to Schengen during their visit… Read more

200 Ukrainian paramedics currently training in Romania as part of NATO program

Romania is currently training roughly 200 paramedics from Ukraine in centers of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) in Targu Mures and Oradea as part of an agreement with NATO.… Read more

Romanian police investigate suspected fraud with funds for Ukrainian refugees

Investigators in Romania are conducting searches in over 200 locations across seven counties looking for signs of fraud in connection to state money given to those accommodating Ukrainian refugees. The… Read more

Belarus.- Father of Russian girl who drew anti-war cartoons in Ukraine detained in Minsk

Alexei Moskaliov, a Russian citizen who was sentenced on Tuesday to two years in prison in connection with a series of drawings made by his daughter against the war in… Read more

Romania’s ruling coalition strives to avoid scandal after decriminalizing “small” abuse of office in Senate

The Social Democrats (PSD) reject any connection with the controversial draft bill passed by the Senate that decriminalizes the abuse of office with damage smaller than RON 250,000 (EUR 50,000),… Read more

France: Macron touts water plan in Alps amid pension unrest

President Emmanuel Macron’s first high-profile trip in weeks was to a picturesque Alpine village — far from Paris’ currently restless streets. He said he his government must “continue working,” despite… Read more

Germany: Discrimination against Roma and Sinti on the rise

Roma and Sinti continue to be subject to prejudice in various areas of public life in Germany. The Berlin-based Amaro Foro youth organization has documented incidents in the capital. Over… Read more

Turkey ratifies Finland’s NATO accession as Sweden kept waiting

Late Thursday night, Turkey’s Parliament ratified the protocol on Finland’s accession to the Atlantic Alliance, which means that Helsinki now has the approval of all NATO allies. After an intense… Read more
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