Best Dishes to Try in Bangkok This Week: Stage, Lava Asian Fire Grill, and more

Well, it’s December already and, not surprisingly, food is the first thing on everyone’s mind. Mainly because there’s a lot of festive functions and get togethers that need to happen… Read more

Shannen Doherty reveals cancer has spread to bones

Shannen Doherty says she is committed to battling stage four breast cancer, which has now spread to her bones. Speaking to People magazine, the Beverly Hills 90210 actress says she… Read more

Japan’s Takarazuka troupe given labor advisory in 2021; ex-worker raps company culture

OSAKA — A labor inspection office in west Japan had issued a work improvement advisory to the scandal-hit all-female musical theater company Takarazuka Revue in September 2021 regarding working conditions… Read more

Actress fired from Scream 7 over Israel-Gaza posts

Mexican actress Melissa Barrera has been fired from the forthcoming Scream film sequel after the production company said her recent pro-Palestinian social media posts were antisemitic. The star has posted… Read more

Remaining four BTS band members enlist in military

The four BTS band members who have yet to start mandatory military service have begun the process of enlisting. The K-pop stars’ label asked fans to continue giving support to… Read more

King Charles deploys K-pop at state banquet

King Charles used the grandeur of a Buckingham Palace state banquet to throw in some unexpected references to Korean popular culture. K-pop stars Blackpink and BTS were name-checked by the… Read more

I’ll never forget you, LeBlanc says of co-star Perry

“It was an honour to call you my friend”, Matt LeBlanc has said in a personal tribute to his Friends co-star Matthew Perry. Posting for the first time about Perry’s… Read more

Best Dishes to Try in Bangkok This Week: Mei Jiang, White House, and more

November is here, and although there is no long-standing tradition in Thailand of celebrating Thanksgiving this month – as the Americans do – you can still “give thanks” for all the great… Read more

Japan minister defends $232 mil. wooden structure for 2025 Osaka Expo

TOKYO — Japan’s minister overseeing the 2025 World Exposition in Osaka has defended the 35-billion-yen (approx. $232 million) cost for a wooden structure being built at the event site, saying… Read more

Hollywood actors reach deal with studios to end strike

The deal will ensure actors receive a pay increase. It also includes provisions for consent and compensation aroudn the use of Ai to clone actors’ likenesses. Hollywood actors agreed to… Read more
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