Why has India stopped winning top cricket trophies?

Finishing as the second best team in the world over four years and two cycles isn’t such a bad thing. By losing two successive finals of the World Test Championship,… Read more

‘Think twice’ before calling out racism – cricketer

Former Scotland international cricketer Qasim Sheikh says anyone facing discrimination in sport should “think twice” before speaking out. Sheikh previously claimed he was told he should “count yourself lucky to… Read more

India rejoices as Kaur named Cricketer of the Year

Indians are celebrating after Harmanpreet Kaur became the first Indian woman to be named as one of Wisden’s five Cricketers of the Year. The Indian captain is a prolific scorer… Read more

African cricket ‘chops’ Hundred in favour of T10

Organisers of a proposed new pan-continental limited overs competition in Africa have decided against adopting The Hundred format, opting for T10 instead. The Africa Cricket Association (ACA) told BBC Sport… Read more
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