1973 Mercedes S-Class Owned By King Of Sweden Up For Sale

The estimated sale price is between $10,750 to $13,442. We don’t often see a car with royal provenance come up for sale, but this 1973 Mercedes-Benz 280S auction provides a… Read more

2024 Nissan Frontier Hardbody Price Starts At $42,095, Base Model Is $31,105

The Hardbody Package is a $3,890 add-on, available only on the Frontier SV Crew Cab 4×4. After a very lengthy previous-generation run, the current Nissan Frontier debuted to some attention… Read more

Watch BMW M2 With RWD Battle AWD Audi RS3 Performance In Drag Race

The BMW makes more power, but the Audi is lighter. The BMW M2 and Audi RS3 are small cars with plenty of power and performance. The two offer fun driving… Read more

One Big Thing About The 2023 Land Rover Defender 130: Off-Roading For Eight

The three-row Defender 130 is still capable, yet more comfortable with extra passenger and cargo space. Verdict 7.8 / 10 – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida If you need a quick rundown… Read more

Watch Sebastian Vettel And David Coulthard Drive Red Bull F1 Cars At The Nürburgring

Vettel drove the RB7 while Coulthard piloted the RB8, both of which are championship-winning cars. We typically share videos shot at the Nürburgring with camouflaged prototypes of future road-going models… Read more

2023 Dodge Hornet Review: Stinging Feeling

The pricey Dodge Hornet feels is a tough sell compared to alternatives like the Honda CR-V and Ford Escape. Verdict 6.8 / 10 Design | Comfort | Tech | Performance… Read more

SUVs Accounted For More Than Half Of Sales In Europe For The First Time Ever

Sales figures for H1 2023 show one in two people bought an SUV. Crossovers and SUVs reached a major sales milestone in the first six months of the year by… Read more

1976 Toyota Chinook Pop-Top Camper Is A Groovy Way To Trip

Updated with solar panels and a backup camera, the camper features brick-patterned wallpaper and a Naugahyde couch. Built from 1973 to 1978, the Chinook was Toyota’s entry into the world… Read more

Automakers Are “Terrible” When It Comes to Personal Data And Privacy: Study

The Mozilla Foundation study claims that 84 percent of car companies share data with third parties, among other things. Cars today are like computers on wheels, providing access to apps,… Read more

Watch This Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Do A Huge Jump Off-Road

The owner also takes the Sterrato to a rock quarry for off-roading and to a dirt track. Lamborghini markets the Huracan Sterrato as an off-road-capable version of its supercar. This… Read more
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