Dog gazes out to sea for 12 years waiting for owner; now they are back together

Sadly, the reunion that Mukhtar so desperately longed for never happened, leaving poor Mukhtar in constant sadness and longing. He couldn’t understand that he would never see his owner again.

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Grieving by the sea

Mukhtar began visiting the spot where he would look out over the sea after his human companion passed away. The death of his owner meant that Mukhtar became a homeless stray who would spend his days wandering the streets.

Fortunately, a compassionate local resident took responsibility for Mukhtar, taking him in and reintroducing him to the rituals of collars and leashes. 

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Finally reunited

But despite this newfound security, Mukhtar’s heart continued to dwell by the sea, where he devoted most of his days to waiting for his former owner. However, Mukhtar and his beloved owner have finally reunited after Mukhtar crossed the Rainbow Bridge, too.

Mukhtar’s passing was a heavy loss for local people who had grown fond of him, especially after learning his heartbreaking story and spotting the sad looking dog sitting by the sea wall. After his death, a special monument was installed in the very spot where Mukhtar would gaze upon the horizon, hoping that his owner would come back to him. The monument bears the poignant inscription, “The Hachiko of Crimea,” acknowledging and honouring Mukhtar’s extraordinary loyalty and dedication.

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