Owner pranks his dog by hiding in his bed, but never expected his reaction (video)

Never try to outsmart a Golden Retriever. Because you will lose. These giant fluffballs aren’t just super cute; they’re also super smart. It won’t take them long to ‘sniff out’… Read more

Nara Deer Antler Cutting Ceremony

The historic capital of Nara has long been known for its friendly deer residents, but keeping the harmony between deer and people takes some work. During the breeding season in… Read more

Staff arriving at shelter find pet carrier, the note attached breaks their hearts

The carrier had been placed in the shade just outside Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Related video:   Surprise discovery When the staff looked inside, they were surprised to see two… Read more

See What Man Did to Rich Fiancée after Refusing to Move into His Small House

A woman accused her ex-fiancé named Jeff of being involved in the burning of her house and shop The suspicion arose after Jeff called her and reminded her of the… Read more

Lady Delivers Goods to Customer, Bank Reverses Credit Alert, She Tenders Screenshots: “Get a Lawyer”

A Nigerian lady was surprised when the credit transfer she received left her account without notice The young lady’s bank told her somebody had reported her account for receiving a… Read more

Strange creature removed from elderly man’s house, vets painstakingly get to work

Paul Russell discovered the cat after his 82-year-old relative, living with Alzheimer’s, was relocated to a nursing home.  Related video:   Surprise discovery Initially assuming his relative had just one… Read more

Construction Of Tesla Drive-In Theater, Restaurant Begins In Santa Monica

CEO Elon Musk tweeted In August 2023 that the diner would be ready by the end of the year. Tesla has reportedly started constructing its first restaurant in the US… Read more

Rea and Lowes dominate, Yamaha lurking and Bautista just 5th

The Superbike World Championship is in Portugal this weekend for another round on the 2023 calendar. And after a very lively Friday, with some surprises, the Superopole was no different.… Read more

Hungary’s Orbán says Ukraine unlikely to join EU because of war

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán cast doubt on Friday on the prospect of the European Union beginning negotiations any time soon for Ukraine to join the bloc, saying it was… Read more

Gabonese react to former First lady ‘money laundering’ charges

In Libreville, Gabon’s capital residents react as Sylvia Bongo Ondimba Valentin wife of ousted president Ali Bongo Ondimba, is charged with money laundering among other offences, according to the public… Read more
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