Man Curses Ex-Girlfriend for Breaking Up After Being Used as Cash Cow

  • On the TikTok handle, @kwadwoisaac38 was captured pronouncing a curse on his girlfriend for breaking his heart
  • According to him, he had taken care of the egg seller to the point of sending her to school, but now she wants to be with another man
  • He also added that the girl’s parents are in support of her, and he wants the gods to deal with all of them

A young man in Ghana has cursed his girlfriend, who allegedly broke up with him after he took great care of her and even sponsored her to further her education.

In a video on the TikTok handle @kwadwoisaac38, the gentleman who was seen pronouncing curses with some schnapps and eggs suggested that the lady’s name was Maame Yaa and that she was an egg seller when they both met.

According to him, the parents of the lady in question, particularly the father, now claim he never supported the lady to return to school and that she is above his calibre.

“Nana, if it’s true that I met her and took care of her through her schooling, and she is now going for another man while her parents are denying all I did for them, then deal with them,” he said.

Ghanaians react to the video

The video has generated a buzz on social media with some interesting comments that can be seen below:

Jones General said:

Aaa this guy paaa , but there are several ladies, just go get another one. Let the money go! Killing ain’t the way.

Rev. Dr Mama Pat stated:

Bro, all the gods have relocated for greener pastures o, galamsey spoil their homes all.

Joel G indicated:

Always been saying marriage is not guaranteed, 90 percent of all divorces are initiated by women

Jeffrey Kofi Okyere said:

My brother this happend to me. The family of the lady said I was a taxi driver but now I’m enjoying life in America while they are still at zero. Forget them.

Watch the video below:

Woman ordered to pay ex-lover that schooled her

Separately, the court ordered a Ugandan woman, Fortunate Kyarikunda, to pay her ex-lover KSh 319,000.

Richard Tumwine fell in love with Kyarikunda in 2015 and started dating to get married.

Tumwine, a teacher by profession, used all his salary and saving to educate his better half, only for her to graduate and refuse to marry him.

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