Simply Inspiring: Who Michelle Obama Is Praising Ahead of Mother’s Day

  • As Mother’s Day fast approaches, US former first lady highlighted a touching story of a mother and daughter duo Whitney and Anna
  • When Anna was just 10 years old, her family married her off because they couldn’t afford to keep her at home or support her education
  • This left Anna devastated, and she made a vow to herself that her daughter would never have to go through the same thing

US former first lady and Grammy award winner Michelle Obama hailed two Kenyan women for ending the vicious cycle of child marriage in their family.

Anna had a difficult childhood – she was forced into marriage at just 10 years old because her family couldn’t afford to keep her at home or pay for her schooling.

Devastated by this experience, Anna swore to never allow her daughter to endure the same fate.

Breaking the yoke

When Whitney turned 10, her family started talking about arranging a marriage for her too, but Anna was determined to keep her daughter in school.

Her unwavering commitment to her daughter’s education led Whitney to apply for a scholarship from Akili Dada, an organization supported by the Girls Opportunity Alliance.

With her mother’s support and the scholarship, Whitney was able to stay in school and break the cycle of child marriage that had plagued their family for generations.

Michelle Obama praised the two women

Whitney is 20 years old and starting college and has big dreams of becoming an accountant and living a life that reflects her aspirations.

Michelle, a mother of two daughters hailed the two women for achoveing what seemed impossible and paving te way for young girls from their lineage.

The best selling author believes every girl, deserves the opportunity to pursue her dreams, and this is only possible in a world without child marriage.

Netizens’ reactions


“Such a brave and inspiring mother and daughter! We must keep fighting to ensure that girls everywhere are allowed to meet their potential.”


“So proud. Keep working hard and reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams❤️.”


“My God. Education is the key. This is why there will forever be men who attempt to take away women’s rights.”


“This is very emotional and inspiring and I hope many more young girls get to fulfill their dreams and become successful in their lives and goals ❤️❤️❤️❤️.”


“This is a very moving story, thank you for sharing it. Congratulations Whitney!”


“Very inspiring .Kudos to mothers like Anna and congratulations to Whitney.”

Michelle hails Betty Mulavi

This is not the first time Michelle has shone on a Kenyan lady. She celebrated Betty Mulavi an inclusion ambassador, researcher and mentor for girls and women with disabilities.

Mulavi divulged As a person with a disability, she had been stigmatised for years and her experience made her hide her disabilityto be allowed to do STEM classes.

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