Man Shocked to Find Lover Is Pregnant for Her Ex, Reveals He Wanted to Propose

  • A heartbreaking story of a young man who experienced severe heartbreak has gotten netizens emotional
  • The young man was studying in the United Kingdom and had a girlfriend back home whom he planned to propose to
  • After returning home to propose, he discovered she already has a child with her ex-lover

A Nigerian man has joined a host of others to share his painful heartbreak experience with a woman he desired to propose to.

The young man with the Twitter handle @pascalinho4ever revealed how he found out that his girlfriend secretly returned to her ex.

Man reveals lover dumped him for her ex

He travelled to the United Kingdom and had a girlfriend back home in Nigeria whom he was going to marry when he returned.

After one year, he came back to Nigeria intending to propose to her as he returned.

Sadly, on the day he invited her to come to his house to have a heart-to-heart talk, she used it as an opportunity to tell him that she went back to her ex while he was in the United Kingdom.

She had hooked up with her ex-boyfriend and also got pregnant for him. This all happened in under a year.

The most painful part was that she never told him about the child whenever they communicated before. His tweet read:

“Coming back to from UK to propose to my girlfriend, only to find out she already had a child for her ex just within a year. I have our chats on my phone, she kept it as secret to me until I came back to Nigeria.

“That fateful day, I called her so we can have heart to heart discussion, she broke the news to me. My life changed from that day December 18, 2022, the child was born on my birthday, May 12.”

The story went viral and elicited mixed reactions online, and below are some of the comments:

@adeotob commented:

“Thank God it happened it was best suited to happen, cos what if u were out there hustling and at the same time investment on her believing u hav one vigin Mary back home. Hmm, honestly, it could have been worse but God love you more. You will be fine bruh.”

@Dcore_clothier said:

“Hope they didn’t name the child after you.”

@Still_immune94 wrote:

My apologies, my man.”

@OrimoloyeAlex said:

“They must name the child after you oh.”

@Azeezat Durojaiye exclaimed:


@iamdudekoko. wrote:

“Your story is shocking.”

@Victor EF commented:

“OMG So sorry man. Looking at the bright side, you dodged a stray bullet cos you’d have married a cheat.”

@Oluwatoyin commented:

“So sorry about this.”

@JahFirstSon wrote:

“This right here! Don’t ever try it or else you’re taking her along.”

See tweet below:

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