Love at First Write: 36-Year-Old Woman Makes Men Pen 500-Word Essay for Chance at Romance

A woman has shared her new strategy for disqualifying men who may want to waste her time in her search for love.

How woman changed her dating strategy

Lauren Kempton, from England, revealed that she now requires her suitors to write a 500-word essay explaining why they want to date her.

According to New York Post, Kempton disclosed a dating strategy that has now resurfaced after being fed up with online dating.

“Asking for an essay is definitely a good way of weeding out what you don’t want. It shows you who they are and that they have read your profile and understand your humor,” she said.

On the 36-year-old’s Hinge dating account, she made it clear if they wanted to have a chance with her, they must submit an application explaining how they intend not to waste her time.

Did men respond to her dating strategy

According to her, she initially added the requirement to her profile as a joke, but many bachelors took it seriously.

“People might think asking for an essay was full on of me, but it was really a bit of fun; I didn’t expect someone to make so much effort,” she said.

She narrated that one suitor went above and beyond, submitting a PowerPoint presentation with his detailed essay.

“I would start by ensuring that any plans we made were kept to.This would also include indoor and outdoor date plans depending on the weather, time, cost etc (this includes agreeing to a Harry Potter Marathon),” he wrote to her.

However, after reviewing many applications, she went on a date with the best candidate, but unfortunately, it never flourished into anything special.

She emphasised that the essays restored her faith in men and encouraged other singles to try it as it makes men make an effort while still bringing out the fun in it.

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