Kenyan Man Lists 7 Things Women Must Demand from Man Before Agreeing to Date that Prove He’s Responsible

A Kenyan man using the TikTok handle @i_studentoflife has cautioned women not to date any man unless he shows proof that he can be responsible.

What women must demand from potential bae

@i_studentoflife explained that back in the day men left pieces of land to their families to help them survive but things have changed and men have dropped the ball.

He advised women to ask for seven things before agreeing to be in a relationship as a man must show he can take care of you and the family should you get married.

“Number one on the list is something called the good conduct certificate from the DCI in Kiambu. Number two is a certificate from a renowned college that is a diploma or a degree and above. Number three is a title deed. Number four, a one-year bank statement to show that he’s been working. Number five is the payslip. Number six is the appointment letter or contract he signed before taking up the job,” he said.

The TikToker also said a man must show proof that he pays his own rent if he is not living in his own built or bought house.

“You should always be looking for these things so that you know you’re not marrying a charity case, you know you’re marrying a man who is going to take care of you,” he added.

Netizens reactions

Some netizens agreed with him and called out men to be responsible while others shared that the current economy doesn’t allow men to have all those things.

@cleomulongo said:

“I’m a man and I endorse the message.”

@mercyshyrow said:

“Do we have this kind of man in Kenya.”

@tess_254 said:

“At this point in life, I must see a good conduct. I dated someone alikuja kushikwa tukiwa town strolling, to date he is still in jail for vehicle theft.”

@carolmuthii3 said:

“Hawa wenye wanasema mtu anaeza change, my question is would you rather risk?”

@pwamkoi said:

“Then many women will be single.”

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