85-Year-Old Woman Displays Lovely House She’s Built Alone for Decade

  • Candida Kanyundo made a tough decision and pursued her dream to start building her house when she was advanced in years
  • The 85-year-old lady claimed to have built her house alone for 10 years and is optimistic about completing the structure soon
  • Despite falling off the ladder once, the terrifying experience never deterred her from continuing with her construction

An elderly woman has shocked many after claiming she has been relentlessly building her dream house for a decade.

The woman said she had been constructing a shelter without the neighbour’s, friends’ or family’s help.

Since she was young, she has always dreamed of owning her house, but because of life challenges and experiences, her dream delayed.

Roofing house in final phase of construction

Despite her ripe old age, Candida Kanyundo decided to pursue her dream and began building her house at 75 years.

“I have been building this house for 10 years. No one helps me. The house I lived in was destroyed long ago,” she told Afrimax English.

Her determination to complete the house is birthing fruits as she only remains with the roofing as the infrastructure construction reaches its final phase.

Despite getting older, Kanyundo, who is 85 years old, is only looking forward to the day she will complete her house.

Falling off from ladder while building

Mukayirwanda Yvetter, her neighbour, recalled the day the elderly woman fell from the ladder.

“She had fallen from the ladder and almost died. At that time, she was trying to nail two pieces pf wood together. We took her in and massaged her until she recovered, but we were surprised to see her return to the construction site.

We thought such an incident would terrify her, but she was never bothered. She is too old to climb a ladder or carry out physically intense activities, but she doesn’t seem ready to relinquish her dream,” she shared.

Kanyundo said she was happy with her efforts despite kicking off her project when she was advanced.

It was always her dream to dwell in her house, and despite the few financial or physical resources, she decided to build her house.

Murang’s man gifted new house

Closer home, well-wishers built a beautiful house for a 63-year-old man who had never been married before.

The man in Murang’a celebrated after well-wishers built the beautiful house for him, upgrading him from the deplorable conditions he had lived in for years.

“I was showering behind the house when dusk fell as I did not have a bathroom,” he told the journalist Ngugi Karanja who led the initiative.

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