US Man Travels Over1174 Kilometers to Brother’s House and Commits Unthinkable Act

  • Jeffrey Roberts driving 1174 kilometres to his brother’s place to kill him is a tragic reminder of the destructive power of anger and hatred
  • The tragic event occurred in Utah, where Jeffrey fatally shot his brother after a brief 25-second conversation,
  • Despite years of estrangement, their initial interaction appeared amicable. But then, without warning, Roberts pulled out a pistol

The tragic story of Jeffrey Roberts and his brother Scott highlights the destructive power of unresolved family conflict.

Despite the initial friendly greeting, deep-seated resentments seemed to have plagued the brothers for years.

Harbouring resentment for years

According to the police who talked to Inside Edition, the fact that Jeffrey travelled such a long distance to confront his brother suggests that the issues between them were not trivial.

Jeffrey Roberts drove 1174 kilometres to his brother’s home; when he knocked on his brother’s door, they exchanged pleasantries, and it was impossible to tell the brothers had been feuding for years.

25 seconds later, the unexpected happened. Jeffrey pulled out a pistol and shot his brothers, who died at the crim of the scene.

Consuming anger

Jeffrey left, but after a few seconds, he returned and tried harming his sister-in-law, who is currently recovering at the hospital.

When that did not work, he tried burning Scot’s house down.

The neighbours called the police immediately. They heard shots fired when Jeffrey resisted arrest, the police shot him, and he died on the spot.

It was puzzling how he travelled such a long distance to commit such a heinous act. Even more, what saddened the family was that the brothers were reportedly estranged for years.

Mwingi man kills brother

Separately, neighbours of a family in Mwingi, Kitui county, said the brothers were working on their land when a fight erupted.

One brother hacked the other, injuring him badly, they rushed him to a nearby hospital for medical attention, but he did not survive.

They came back and found the body of the other hanging in his house; the cause of their dispute had not been established.

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