Unconventional Farewell: Viral Woman Jumps Into Casket of Beloved Father Bernard

  • In recent months, the Ghanaian social media space has been buzzing with a ‘Father Bernard’ trend
  • The viral video saw a lady jump into the coffin of a Reverend Father who was being buried in Saltpond
  • The lady in the video, identified as Comfort Baaba Basiwa, says the late reverend meant everything to her

The woman behind the viral’ Father Bernard’ video, Comfort Baaba Basiwa Jackson, has explained her reason for exclaiming at the priest’s grave.

Comfort, who has already lost both parents, said the late priest was like a father to her, so his passing distraught her. In an interview with Kofi TV, Comfort recounted Father Bernard’s support for her.

Father Bernard was the one taking care of me. I have a challenge, so he prays for me and helps me in other ways.

He also helped me go through life after a broken heart. He was also supporting my father when he was alive.

Comfort explains herself

When Kofi TV asked why she jumped into the grave of Father Bernard, Comfort said she did not know what came over her. She did not intend to jump into the grave even though she wanted to follow him.

She recollects that she was standing far from the grave. However, she fell into the grave while they dropped the wreaths on the coffin.

The viral video was shot by an onlooker who was also present at the funeral of the late Ghanaian Reverend Father Bernard Kofi Ackon.

After the video went viral, Comfort said people tease her. She has had to be confrontational for people to desist from calling her “Father Benard”.

Pastor dies in gospel musician’s house

Separately, after visiting him, gospel singer Mirugi Dishon’s ex-lover pastor Elizabeth Wanjiru died in his house on Saturday, March 18.

A detective privy to this case said Elizabeth travelled all the way from Nakuru to the singer’s house in Kahawa West in an attempt to solve issues in their relationship.

As the case unfolded, there were numerous allegations about the singer being romantically linked with another woman.

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