Suspected LGBTQ Teacher Freed on Bail After 60 Days in Remand, Banned from Accessing School

  • Lydia Mukodha, a teacher, and her supposed lesbian partner Martha Naigaga have been granted release upon posting KSh 18,000 bail each
  • They had been held on remand for two months, and although they have been released, Mukodha, a former deputy headteacher, is now prohibited from entering her school
  • The two were apprehended on charges of promoting lesbianism in a government school, gross indecency, and procurement of gross indecency

A court has released teacher Ms Lydia Mukodha and her alleged lesbian lover Ms Martha Naigaga on bail after spending two months on remand.

Mukodha, who was the Deputy Head teacher of PMM Girls School in Jinja, Uganda, was put behind bars together with Naigaga for gross indecency and procurement of gross indecency.

According to the Daily Monitor, Jinja Grade One Magistrate Agnes Musiime released the duo given that they had already served the 60-day remand period.

The suspects were remanded on March 3 to Kirinya Prison in Jinja City as investigations into their case continued.

While releasing them, Magistrate Musiime quoted article 26(6) (a) which entitles a person arrested to apply to Court to be released on bail.

“The two have made two bail applications on March 28 and May 4. I have heard the submission of both the defence and the state and right to liberty is constitutional and both the accused stayed for more than 60 days on remand,’’ she said.

Musiime added that the accused also presented two sureties and the Court found both of them substantive.

She, however, gave strict instructions that the accused teacher should not access PMM Girls School as she might interfere with the evidence of the would-be witnesses.

“The Court also wants to ensure that the accused is safe and secure. The restriction will go on until the case is prosecuted to the end,” she continued.

Furthermore, the Court ordered the accused teacher to surrender her identity card, which will be given back when the case is disposed of.

The suspects were released on a cash bail of USh 500,000 (KSh 18,000) each and USh 300,000 (KSh 11,000) non-cash for each surety.

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