Lionel Richie Reveals Secret Behind Young-Looks

American singer Lionel Richie’s coronation performance sparked controversy after he was blasted as ‘disappointing’ by viewers of King Charles’ celebratory concert on Sunday, May 6.

Even more, the famed crooner is set to spark serious debate for a very different reason entirely, especially his stance on anti-ageing techniques.

The 73-year-old singer has managed to maintain the same youthful appearance for many years now.

Despite the pressure stars face to stay young, Lionel insists you will never catch him going under the knife in an attempt to preserve his looks.

The father-of-three told Daily Mail he won’t ever go down the same surgical route as many of his Hollywood contemporaries.

Leonel explained he would hate not being able to return to his natural appearance after getting plastic surgery.

“Plastic surgery locks you in for that year while you recover and after that you can’t go naturally. You’re staying right there. You try to go back to reset, and you can’t,’ he said.

The All Night Long singer said he wouldn’t undergo an aesthetic procedure because God might not recognize him.

Instead of surgery, Lionel, who has been in a relationship with Swiss-Caribbean model Lisa Parigi for more than a decade, said he prefers to focus on a much more natural approach to anti-ageing, combining traditional methods like plenty of sleep and lots of water with making love.

“Water, sleep, and sweat, not too much red meat,’ he said when asked how he takes care of himself at the eighth annual Hollywood Beauty Awards. ‘I know it’s really boring. Making love will work also and it’s good for your heart,” he said.

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