Jose Mourinho, ready joke on Psg.

The words of José Mourinho

Roma coach José Mourinho spoke to Sky Sports microphones on the eve of the challenge against Bayer Leverkusen: “We face one of the strongest teams in Europe on the counterattack, this is very easy to see. They are top in this aspect, they defend, they wait for the opponents to lose the ball and after that they are very difficult to stop because they are fast. With Salzburg we went into the game after 0-1 in the first leg, the same against Feyenoord, here we start from 0-0. I have enough experience not to be too excited about being in a semifinal or too fixated on playing the first one at home. If we have a balanced match tomorrow and a balanced result comes out, I’m happy.”

“The group is happy, even with all these problems. We are aware that we are having a season beyond our limits, a group that knows they are playing a European semifinal, which is important and can become historic. It depends on going to the final or not, on winning or not. I see the group relaxed and happy to play, I decided that the guys can stay at home and come straight back tomorrow for the match. I see them relaxed and focused. “

Chiosa with a joke about PSG: “If they are looking for me, they haven’t found me because they haven’t talked to me.”

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