From Light to Dark: Woman Amazed by Drastic Change in Skin Tone During Pregnancy

  • A lady who looked very beautiful was surprised because of the changes that occurred in her body after getting pregnant
  • She shared a TikTok video, saying she thought she would remain as beautiful as possible during pregnancy
  • But it turned out that her skin changed from tender to rough, and her nose became excessively big

A beautiful woman has taken to TikTok to lament and show how her body changed when she got pregnant.

In a video posted on the platform by @tegratbk, the woman said she thought she would remain beautiful before and during pregnancy.

It, however, turned out that her body transformed into an unrecognisable shape that even scared some of her followers.

How pregnancy changed woman’s body

In the video she posted, she showed how she looked before she got pregnant with her skin looking lighter and glowing.

But her body drastically changed when she got pregnant, and her skin became dark and rough.

Also, her nose became big, and the shape changed leaving her followers wondering what may have led to the wild change.

Some women who are currently pregnant took to the comment section to say how they are going through the same thing.

Watch the video below:

Social media users reactions

Here are some of the comments from social media users:

@courageous said:

“Madam make sure you still use the same filter you used before you got pregnant.”

@mhizolaitaneniola commented:

“I cover my nose with the blood of Jesus.”

@letisha commented:

“Pregnancy is no joke. I’m so tired and I can’t wait to deliver.”

@felice said:

“This one is the worstest o. I’m waiting my turn, just three weeks gone.”

@Racheal E Akwesehor said:

“I still look the same even in pregnancy, I only added up a little, nothing changed. Am I better than everyone else?”

@Łëø Ăžeež commented:

“I fear pregnancy with my life.”

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