F1, Daniel Ricciardo announces his return to the wheel

F1, Daniel Ricciardo announces his return to the wheel

Australian Daniel Ricciardo, currently Red Bull’s third driver, announced in an interview with ESPN the date when he will get into the cockpit of the single-seater that is dominating the Formula 1 World Championship to do a tire test.

“I’ve been in the simulator, but I will drive the RB19 in July after the Silverstone race (scheduled for July 9, ed.) to do a Pirelli test, then maybe I will do another one in September after Monza. I’m excited to drive such a fast and at the same time familiar car.”

“Right now I want to be back on the grid next year. I feel like there is definitely unfinished business. I’m staying like in the loop and staying prepared and whatnot. I’m also checking off some boxes that if I get back on the grid next year, and I’m on the grid for the next few years, I might accomplish things that have never been done. I want to check some boxes for myself for some self-realization.”

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