Mason slams VAR officials after Spurs squander comeback against Liverpool: ‘I need an explanation’

Ryan Mason has given his reaction after Tottenham Hotspur squandered what would have been an astonishing comeback against Liverpool at Anfield. Spurs began the game in a similar fashion to… Read more

Meet Young Woman Who Enjoys Cuddling Lions, You won’t Believe What She Does with Snakes

Olive Akello is the chief wildlife handler at CTC Conservation Centre, a job she saw herself holding at the age of four Akello discloses that she loves working with animals… Read more

Sancho tells Man Utd team-mate Fernandes to ‘stop moaning’ as Red Devils beat Aston Villa

Man Utd winger Jadon Sancho was seen telling Bruno Fernandes to “stop moaning” during their 1-0 victory over Aston Villa on Sunday. The Red Devils kept up their march towards… Read more

Perez lucky his F1 car “didn’t blow up” after hitting Baku wall

Perez led Verstappen home after a tepid Azerbaijan Grand Prix, but his afternoon nearly came undone when on lap 34 he clipped the outside wall on the entry to Turn… Read more

Fatty liver Warning Signs: What to Look Out For

Overview A condition that occurs due to excessive build-up of fat in the liver. Symptoms If you’re experiencing new, severe, or persistent symptoms, contact a health care provider. Fatty liver… Read more

Overactive Bladder : What is it & treatments

Overview A bladder control problem which leads to a sudden urge to urinate. Symptoms Characterized by frequent urge to urinate, frequent urination, bed wetting, and leaking of urine. What are… Read more

‘Many doubted of us but we are prepared and we want to continue’ – Jack Miller

Jack Miller returned to the podium for KTM this weekend. After the podium in the Sprint race, the australian made his debut on the podium on sundays with the austrian… Read more

Verstappen wants Red Bull “review” of Azerbaijan F1 call that cost him lead

Verstappen’s countryman Nyck de Vries clipped the inside wall at Turn 6 on the 10th lap which broke the front-left suspension on his AlphaTauri and left him stranded on the… Read more

‘It was a crazy start, we need to start thinking seriously about this’ – Franco Morbidelli

After the Sprint race was interrupted on saturday due to a red flag, following an accident, the same happened this sunday. Franco Morbidelli regrets the risks that have been taken… Read more

‘This agreement between me and Yamaha gives a great emotion, it feels natural’ – Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi was made official today as an official Yamaha ambassador. The italian completed a total of 22 seasons in MotoGP, where he was at the helm of the M1… Read more
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