Ferrari, the situation for Frederic Vasseur is unacceptable

Frederic Vasseur’s words

Frederic Vasseur is disappointed after what happened in Saudi Arabia. “It’s not what we expected after two races. There were positive aspects, like Leclerc’s start which was good. With hard tyres, however, it is not acceptable to have this gap, we have to correct this. I can’t imagine a car that goes on the front row in qualifying and then in the race goes nowhere. Keeping the guys’ spirits up is my job, in F1 there are ups and downs. There are 21 races to go, we have to fight.”

“From Monday we will push to recover, already starting in Melbourne. Overall Leclerc’s performance is good, he was in the podium zone in Bahrain and would have started on the front row. But we don’t know why we struggle with the Hard and we have to understand why. Although we have progressed, so have the others and maybe they did it better than us. We have to push, the step forward was there especially in qualifying, but the problem is the race pace.”

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