‘We had a lot of problems with the front tyre’ – Remy Gardner

Just over nine-tenths of a second set Remy Gardner apart, sixth on the first day at Mandalika, from Michael Rinaldi’s track record. The australian complained about the state of the track during the morning.

‘The day didn’t go bad compared to the others. The track was in tough conditions, we had a lot of problems with the front tyre, especially after the first four or five laps in the morning. The tyre was completely destroyed. It was tough but the track improved in the afternoon and we still changed the settings so as not to put so much stress on the front wheel. Today we focused more on the pace, which for me was a good idea because we saved tyres for tomorrow. I’m quite satisfied’, revealed Gardner, the fastest among the independent riders.

Despite the reduced time on track in FP1, Gardner already has some decisions almost made, he told the official website of the competition:

– The choice on the rear tyre is taken. Well, the decision is almost made, it’s more or less evident. For the Superpole we haven’t decided yet, we still have to try it. Today the feeling is good, it seems that every time I get on the bike we improve something, I gain more knowledge of how to go faster.

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