Vihiga Woman Appeals for Help Finding Son

A woman in Itumbu Village, Vihiga County’s act of kindness has left her in despair following the disappearance of her two-month-old son.

Juliet Wanzala, 29, welcomed a woman who claimed to have been stranded and needed a place to rest for the night.

Wanzala gave her a place to sleep without any questions, only for the lady to disappear with her son while she was away.

She explained that she had gone to the local shop to buy lunch and when she returned the woman wasn’t in the house and her belonging had vanished.

“When I returned, I found my eldest son Dan playing outside. I warned them to stop playing since it would awaken the child sleeping in the house. He replied to me that the child isn’t in the house. The first thing I thought of was the stranger’s bag in the living room. When I looked and found it missing I became very week because I knew she had disappeared with my baby,” she said.

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