See Why Diana Marua’s House Helps Can’t Cook for Bahati

  • Diana Marua is a God-sent wife as she shared how she always finds time to cook for her husband, singer Bahati
  • The mum of four noted that she always makes time to cook for the musician as Bahati did not eat food cooked by her nannies
  • Diana said she always makes time to cook for her man no matter how busy she is with her tight schedule

YouTuber Diana Marua has given women tips for maintaining happy marriages.

The mother of four advised fellow women to find time and cook for their men.

The mum of four showcased how he cooks for her husband, and the food looked delicious.

She noted that Bahati did not eat her nanny’s food, and she had to plan her schedule to carry out her wifey duties.

Diana advised fellow women to cook for their husbands as is their duty.

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