See Reason Why Man Claims Kenyan Women Are Ugliest on African Continent

Kenyans have given a piece of their mind to a man who claimed Kenyan women are unattractive.

Kenyan women not pretty

In a viral video posted on TikTok, the man fearlessly said Kenyan women are ugly when asked which women are least attractive in Africa.

The man, rocking a black puff jacket and a white t-shirt with his curly hair shaved in a smooth fade, could not quantify his response, only insisting his answer on not-so-appealing looks was final.

The short video shot in Stockholm’s streets was posted online by TikToker @Periodtgirlll.

See the video below:

The man’s statement did not sit well with Kenyans, who took to the video comments section to take wild swings at him. Below are some reactions:

user8473249844164 wrote:

“Not me typing then deleting, looking for a strong comment to defend Kenya. Kenyans, let’s gather here for a moment. This is serious.”

Brandy wrote:

“Huyu ni kama hajui the KENYA INTERNET DEFENSE FORCES. Can we please have his TikTok account name… Just want to recommend him a braces dentist.”

ann glow wrote:

“He doesn’t know the meaning of attractive because he’s from a generation of ghosts. Huyu anatutafuta.”

Jojo_Kibare wrote:

“Please tag him. We just wanna show him the beautiful side and promise to not arrange his teeth while at it.”

Daisyheart wrote:

“Nani amenotice amesmile nd anakaa nikama analia?”

Timo wrote:

“Kenya. Give us his TikTok account, it’s just for insurance purposes.”

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