Ghanaian Woman Reveals Why She Left Netherlands to Sell Mitumba in Accra

  • A young Ghanaian lady has received a lot of commendation after she explained her decision to relocate to Ghana
  • In a video on TikTok, the young lady who sells second-hand clothing in Accra says she moved to Ghana because she wanted to have financial freedom
  • Netizens who reacted to the video praised the young lady for serving as an example to other young diasporans who may want to follow suit

A young lady has become a source of inspiration to the youth after she opened up on why she left the Netherlands for Ghana to venture into the second-hand clothing business.

In a video shared on TikTok, the pretty Ghanaian lady @xlaurenaa explained that she often gets asked why she opted to deal in second-hand clothes at the Kantamanto market in Accra, even though she has a university degree and Dutch passport.

For her, one major factor that influenced her decision to relocate to Ghana was to start her own business and have financial freedom.

She added that the weather condition was another major factor that convinced her that she needed to make a move.

Ghanaians react to the video of the Netherlands lady

Her response on why she moved to Ghana sparked a lot of reaction, with many commending her over her decision.

Ghetto Youth:

“Boss lady mindset.”


“Please I want a bale of men’s shirts. Do you have them?”

Naa Aku Shika

“Legit money is the thing.”

Tilly smith-preston:

“I really admire you.”

Mitumba seller makes millions

In a related story reported by, a 25-year-old corps member started a thrift (mtumba) business barely six months ago with KSh 7,000 but today, she’s earning millions.

Abdulrouff Opeyemi Meeinah started with chiffon tops and was amazed when she sold 30 pieces in just one week.

After seeing how successful and fast the Chiffon sale was, Meeinah expanded her business to include the sales of shirts.

The businesswoman who currently earns millions from her business said she delved into the business due to her passion for it.

“I sold everything and I was amazed because people really rushed as I sold for KSh 270 each. My next purchase was checkers shirts,” she said.

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