12 Tourist hotspots in Morgantown that live up to the hype

Situated between the Monongahela River and the Appalachian Mountains, Morgantown has plenty of scenic landscapes. The city is known for its beer and art festivals, vibrant nightlife, high-end restaurants, bistros, plenty of shopping, and countless outdoor adventures. There are several recreational trails at Coopers Rock State Forest, Dorsey’s Knob, and Deckers Creek that gives panoramic views of the city and its surrounding rolling hills. Core Arboretum is a vast forest in Morgantown with several old-grown trees, wildflowers, walking trails, and its riverside location makes it a perfect spot for watching birds and animals. The highlight of the city is West Virginia University, which is home to baseball and football games, music, and art. There is an art museum and a beautiful sculpture garden on the university campus, which is worth a visit.

In Morgantown you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like West Virginia Botanic Garden, Dering Building, and Birdwatch At Cranesville Swamp and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. West Virginia Botanic Garden

Beautifully designed gardens reflect in a glistening pond. Trails go through brightly colored floral meadows and into calm, shadowed woods. Streams glisten beneath majestic hemlocks. Some people stand peacefully, taking in the beauty of the scene; others explore this magnificent community resource, the West Virginia Botanic Garden at Tibbs Run Preserve, with gusto. The WVBG, which began as a dream in 2000, is gradually becoming a reality on the 82-acre old Tibbs Run Reservoir property off Tyrone Road in Monongalia County, WV.

2. Dering Building

Dering Building was built in 1896. It is a three-story Romanesque Revival style brick building with a flat roof, rectangular windows, arched hoods, separate storefronts, and recessed portico entrances. Above the flat roof is a pediment with a rising sun motif. The name and date of construction are inscribed in the center of the motif. The building serves as a commercial center for Morgantown businesses.

3. Birdwatch At Cranesville Swamp

Cranesville Swamp, located in West Virginia, United States, is a beautiful place where it is a famous spot for birdwatching. Guests will love staying at the swamp to try other fun and exciting activities such as kayaking at the river. The wetland also features a scenic atmosphere perfect for relaxation.

4. Morgantown History Museum

Morgantown History Museum, located in West Virginia, United States, is a museum that houses several artifacts. It provides a glimpse into life in the mid-twentieth century through engaging and interactive exhibits. Guests will have a great time at the museum as they also get to see the town’s early history.

5. Core Arboretum

The Core Arboretum, owned by the West Virginia University, consists of many old trees over 200 years, a steep hillside, and the Monongahela River. The garden has densely wooded areas with 3.5 miles 3 acres of lawn planted with many species of trees. The botanical garden is open to the public without any charge.

6. Art Museum Of Wvu

The Art Museum of West Virginia University has more than 4,000 paintings, prints, works on paper, sculpture, and ceramics with messages from across the globe. The Great American Roller Coaster Ride by Vanessa German is the newest collection to this museum. Doug Gruizenga’s sculpture is also an addition to this museum.

7. Kern’s Fort

Kern’s Fort, located in West Virginia, United States, is a historic home built in 1772. Guests will love the place as it features 19th-century architecture and various exhibits about the city’s origins and its local history. The house is also known for its iconic red structure that visitors can take a beautiful picture of as they see the house.

8. Relax Around Dorsey’s Knob Park

Sky Rock, situated in Dorsey’s Knob Park, rises over 600 feet above a landscape of deep valleys and thick pines, offering a beautiful perspective of Morgantown and the surrounding area. The 70-acre park is just outside of downtown Morgantown yet miles away from the noise and activity of the little town.

9. Woodburn Circle

Woodburn Circle also called W.V.U. Quadrangle is a historic quadrangle that is surrounded by three buildings built in 1870, 1876, and 1893. It is located in Morgantown, West Virginia. The circle is an oval path and an architectural design assembling the three buildings. All the buildings are constructed with red bricks with mansard roofs. The place is now one of the major tourist attractions in the city.

10. Elizabeth Moore Hall

Elizabeth Moore Hall, located in West Virginia, United States, offers a unique experience where guests can learn more about the university’s notable alumni. Aside from this, guests will love exploring the building as it features classical architecture that they must not miss seeing.

11. Watch Some Sports At Wvu Coliseum

WVU Coliseum is a large, circular arena with a seating capacity of 14,000 seats. The arena is well-known for its unique design of the poured concrete roof. It is home to the men’s and women’s basketball teams, men’s wrestling, and women’s volleyball and gymnastics. There are seminar rooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, squash courts, and a dance studio in the arena. Besides sports, several events and music concerts are hosted here.

12. Stalnaker Hall

Stalnaker Hall, located in West Virginia, United States, provides visitors a glimpse into the lives of West Virginia University’s female students. Guests can also learn more about prominent women that once stayed at the dorm by its small gallery. They can know more about their notable achievements and what they are up to now through the dorm’s exhibits.

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