Woman Flaunts Healthy Long and Natural 4C Hair in Viral TikTok Video, People Curious About Hair Care Routine

  • A young woman flaunted her beautiful long 4C hair and made a lot of ladies on social media jealous
  • Her TikTok video went viral and gathered more than 860 000 views, and her hair sparked talks about natural hair
  • Ladies were curious about her haircare routine and asked her a bunch of questions in the comments

A TikTok user, @linajuly31, posted a clip of her gorgeous natural hair. The ladies on the social media platform were envious and said she was so lucky.

Many wanted to know how she grew her hair and asked for product recommendations.

The viral video has nearly one million views from SA ladies who wish to have long tresses like her.

Important tip for caring and growing 4C hair

One of the biggest hair brands, Carol’s Daughter, says moisturising is crucial for 4C hair to grow and flourish.

“4C hair, like all curly hair types, is naturally dry. In fact, 4C curls tend to be even drier. And when 4C hair isn’t properly moisturized, it becomes brittle, and weak and can easily break, snap and feel like a straw. That’s why having a consistent moisturizing hair routine is key.”

Watch the TikTok video below:

Women on TikTok react to viral natural hair video

@vee_chiya said:

“Nice hair, but a frontal is a must shame thank you.”

sthemb04 asked:

“Wow, how did you grow your hair? Which products did you use?”

@mamshengu_ozothile wrote:

“Absolutely gorgeous Yoh, I have zero patience to grow my hair, every year when it gets to my shoulders I cut it.”

@asiphe.n12 suggested:

“Your hair looks beautiful sis. Please keep it natural ❤️”

@ungihlophe commented:

“The way I’m so jealous when I see people with such beautiful hair. God is unfair shem.”

@tebatso694 asked:

“How did you grow your hair?”

@akuaga01 mentioned:

“Wow, can our hair grow so long?”

@user1294238493741 posted:

“Guurrl your hair. No it’s illegal to have such long beautiful hair..”

Kenyan police woman shows off long silky hair

Separately, a Kenyan cop Jemy Wanjiku has netizens wondering whether the long silky hair on her head is her real hair or just a wig.

The policewoman, who is also a TikToker, said she loves creating content on hair and that the long healthy hair was hers not an extension or wig.

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