Video: Man Follows Girlfriend as She Walks Down the Street, Hypes Her

  • A lovely video of a man recording and hyping his girlfriend as she walked down a street has melted hearts
  • In the short clip, the young woman asked her boyfriend to record her, and he turned it into a hyping session
  • The young woman couldn’t help but blush at the accolades from her boyfriend, who was crazy about her

Relationships are meant to be radiant and beautiful. Lovers have always found ways to admire each other, and they use peculiar ways to show it.

A man was asked by his girlfriend to record her as they walked down a street together.

He decided to take it up a notch and showcase his hype game. He began to praise her; from her body to her dressing and even asked her to turn around for him.

The doting lover wanted to impress her in a mega way and hyped her in the Yoruba language as the English language wasn’t enough to convey the content of his heart and innermost desires.

“Eat banana if you want to eat banana. I dare you to mute the audio of this video. You must post this video with the audio. Turn around for me. Osheyy,” he said in Yoruba.

The shy lady asked him to give her back her phone while laughing over his comments.

Social media reactions

@fOlikewl commented:

“The beginning sounding like incantations.”

@miss_jayyne wrote:

“Whatever he said, I concur!!! Once I heard, Osheyyyyyyy, I yelled BADEST!!!”

@onyebabyy commented:

“Idk what he saying but it sounds sweet.”

@notdollioh commented:

“Yes. yes. If you have sense post this with volume/audio. if you dont post this with audio there will be trouble.”

@funkeadesh wrote:

“This is cute.”

@orizgold commented:

“Not the threat and compliment Imfaooooo.”

@freshmoney.1 wrote:

“How you are meant to hype her up.”

@ogtomisin wrote:

“Bruh the beginning! he is insaneeee.”

@eritraweet93 wrote:

“Can we get it on Amazon?”

@yaaasays wrote:

“Need my nigerian babes to translate.”

@tolumontana1 wrote:

“Imaooolooooo the beginning is spinning meeeeee.”

@ttomiwaaa wrote:

“Love is sweet ooo.”

@littleestmiss wrote:

“Nahhhh this is.”

@killinggggh wrote:

“I’m cryinggggggggg! This was so cute!.”

@gahswej commented:

“The way she said “Tuuuuunji.”

@amopetaiwo3 wrote:

“Why the threat.”

@saalihahhhh wrote:

“This is killing.”

@nikkiebakes wrote:

“wetin be this?”

@justsenii commented:

“I can relateeeee.”

@henrietta797 wrote:

“Those praises always sound sweet n cute in a different language loveeee.”

Watch the video below:

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