UNITAMS Gets Acquainted on Work of Security Arrangements Commission


Khartoum, Mar. 1 (SUNA)- The UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Sudan, Head of the UN Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), Volker Perthes, has got acquainted today on the work of the Joint High Military Commission for Security Arrangements on Darfur track, reiterating his support for the two peace agreements signed in Juba to achieve stability, security and a cessation of war.

The Chairman of the Joint High Military Commission for Security Arrangements, Darfur track, Dr. Maj- General, Abubakar Fakiri, said that Volker’s visit to the Commission was one of the tasks of the UNITAMS to follow up the conducting of security arrangements in general and the Darfur track in particular.

He noted that the achievements of the past period had been discussed as well as the constraints that were delaying the work of the commission along with the functioning of the Protection of Civilians Force in Darfur and the cooperation between the Joint High Military Commission for Arrangements and UNITAMS, which was achieving the implementation of the Commission’s programs.

Dr. Maj- Gen. Abubakar Fakiri, stressed that the United Nations mission had assisted in the training and rehabilitation of the Force and that the upcoming period would witness peace and that the Force for the Protection of Civilians and the Maintenance of Security in Darfur would play a major role in realizing security and stability in Darfur.

Meanwhile, Head of UNITAMS, Volker Perthes, said that cooperation between UNITAMS and the High Military Commission for peacekeeping in Darfur is going on, praising the media’s role in communicating the message to public opinion.

Volker added that there was optimism that a political settlement would soon be achieved, as the Sudan was returning to the rule of settlement to a transitional civilian rule. Despite all of this, we must not forget peace, since the authorization of the United Nations Security Council, we have been achieving joint cooperation for peacekeeping and peacebuilding in Darfur.

Head of UNITAMS lauded the cooperation with the Joint High Military Commission for Security Arrangements on Darfur track, via its both military and armed struggle movements.

Volker said we look forward to further cooperation with the Security Arrangements Committee on Darfur track, in particular the training of peacekeeping forces and noting that the mission had no special resources to implement the Juba Agreement and that the support of Member States was a priority over the coming period, resources needed much effort and cooperation with partners to mobilize resources, referring that resources require the stabilization of the situation in the Sudan after the return to civilian rule.

He stated that the UNITAMS had exerted great efforts to assist the Sudan in providing international mobilization after political stability.

The UNITAMS Head, said there is now a better situation than there was more than a year ago, where there is a dialogue leading to the signing of the framework agreement and there are still important talks to expand the circle of signatories to the framework agreement, expecting to overcome obstacles because the transition needs greater efforts and we see that we are progressing much with the military and civilian components to achieve a political settlement soon.


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