Trains collide in Greece leaving dozens dead

At least 26 people have been killed in central Greece after two trains collided, with dozens more injured, according to the fire brigade.

A passenger train collided with a cargo train in central Greece late on Tuesday leaving at least 26 people dead and “tens of people” injured, according to the local fire brigade.

What we know so far

The two trains — a passenger train traveling from Athens to Thessaloniki and a cargo train from Thessaloniki to Larissa — collided near the central city of Larissa, Konstantinos Agorastos, governor of the broader Thessaly region, told SKAI TV.

The fire brigade initially said 16 people had been killed, but this was later updated to 26.

“The collision was very strong,” he said, adding that the first four carriages had derailed.

The first two carriages were “almost completely destroyed,” he said, before adding that around 250 passengers had been safely transported to Thessaloniki on buses.

One passenger, Angelos Tsiamouras, told public television station ERT the accident felt “like an earthquake.”

“The evacuation of passengers is under way in very difficult conditions given the severity of the collision of the two trains,” fire brigade spokesperson Vassilis Varthakogiannis said in a televised address.

An emergency government meeting is currently in the works.

mk/jsi (AFP, Reuters)

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