See Why This Lady is Proof That God Works Miracles

  • A TikToker showcased her transformation while in search of greener pastures abroad
  • The woman @shiyose noted that God’s timing was the best, and it took her moving to the UK to see changes in her lifestyle
  • Many of her followers were inspired and inquired about ways they could travel abroad and hopefully fend for their families

A Kenyan TikToker has proven that the search for greener pastures abroad is real if one puts time and effort into it.

A Kenyan lady, @shiyose, left her followers praying they get blessings like hers.

In a detailed TiTok clip, she showcased her before and after pictures in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and finally, the UK.

Life in the UK seemed to be smooth for her compared to life in Saudi Arabia, and her pictures are proof of the tremendous changes.

The TikToker noted that anything was possible and no one should frown upon humble beginnings.

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