See WHy These Prison Wardens Were Labelled the Coolest

  • These prison wardens are the epitome of confidence, beauty, and their catwalk left many mesmerised
  • While standing in a single file, three wardens showcased their fierce catwalk on social media
  • Their fans were wowed and have labelled them catwalk queens because they can walk the talk

Three lovely female wardens have showcased their catwalk prowess.

Wardens can catwalk!

Via @icequeen’s TikTok account, the ladies showcased their catwalk prowess.

They were rocking their uniforms and were on their break.

Two of them were rocking trousers, while one had a skirt that fitted her perfectly.

Netizens were particularly wowed by the one in the middle of the catwalk clip; her walk oozed confidence, according to the comments from netizens.

@icequeen, one of the wardens, is a TikToker who enjoys sharing her life on social media.

She is a lovely soul who showcases her life as a young cop.

Her TikTok bio shows her dedication to her work.

“Young cop trained to rehabilitate with justice, protect and serve the nation.”

The women are among female cops who have shown that they have a fun side to them.

Netizens react

Here’s what they had to say:

kim..the don2

“Kila kitu kizuri mbona huekwa katikati.”


“Which country de be this.”


“Uyo wa katikati.”


“Cameraman understood his job.”


“Huyo wakatikati hiyo si kazi yake…she is supposed to be a model.”


“The only thing have seen is the middle gurl kudos.”


“Am commenting coz of the middle girl.”

user6292720271848 holy

“Big up to embu women prison.”

gucci 053

“The second one understood the assignment.”


“The gal in the middle is my number.”


“Pass my regards to madam Mary kamene.”

Tony Mwaria

“The prisoner.”


“The middle lady.”

Wasp-waited NYS lady wows fans

Separately, a wasp-waisted NYS lady left netizens in awe of her awesome dance moves.

The young lady had donned her brown uniform with black boots and a green beret.

The lady looked cheerful as she joined the Miondoko dance challenge moving her arms and waist easily.

Most noted she was a dancer and could pursue it as a part-time activity as they loved watching her.

She went viral on TikTok.

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