See what netizens said about Lady’s KSh 445k Bridal Hair

  • A bride recently went viral on social media after a video of her bridal hair glam surfaced online
  • According to the hairstyle, the look cost a whopping $3500 which is about KSh 445,000 when converted
  • Several internet users who saw the video have taken to the comment section to share their thoughts

When it comes to bridal glam, no amount is too huge for some brides working towards the perfect wedding look.

One bride got social media users buzzing with mixed reactions after a video of her getting a bridal updo for her special day.

In the video which was shared by the hairstylist and reposted by blogs, the hair glam process is captured from scratch and by the end of the clip, the bride is seen with an elegant bridal look.

Check out the video below:

Netizens react to KSh 445 bridal hairstyle


“KSh 445,000 for what exactly. A restart in brain function to *sensible*?”


“Maybe if we don’t tell hair dressers that the hairstyle is for a wedding, they will have mercy on us. KSh 445? “


“For this hair . Even Arianna Grande no pay that amount . I hate the hair just from hearing the rubbish price.”


“Definitely not worth it, not even if it comes with the hair extension plus flight and accommodation. Because that hair style I just saw is very basic. Be fr abeg.”


“She earns in dollars, she doesn’t understand the naira equivalent. When you start earning in dollars and after grooming yourself for years to stop recalculating to naira anytime you want to make a purchase, then this could be you.”


“I’m sure the hair & accessories came with it.”


“KSh 445,000 what? Even if I was a millionaire, why would I waste so much money? Nonsense.”

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