Pastor’s Wife Says She Will Follow Hubby to Grave, Sees No Point of Living without Him

  • Some people get lucky enough to experience the love that many envy, while others just read about it
  • Susan Makula, a pastor’s wife, has made it clear that for her, there is no life without her husband, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo
  • She said the day her husband breathes his last, so will she, as God can’t just take one of them; He has to take the entire package

Susan Makula has professed her unwavering, unconditional, boundless love for her husband, preacher Aloysius Bugingo.

Makula said that Bugingo is the only man for her on earth, and even when he is gone, she wouldn’t consider dating someone else.

No life without you babe

Makula has thought about it in detail and made it public knowledge that she desires to spend eternity with her husband, and when death comes knocking, it should take them both.

She added that the thought of losing him would kill her.

In a recent interview, she said:

“We shall love each other. When he is 120 years old, I will be 102 years old. That’s when we will go to meet God.

Unless He comes right now to pick us up right now we shall go together… He can’t take only one. Because it’s not like I’m staying around to marry another man. After him, there is no another.”

Makula said her husband means the world to her, and after being in a toxic relationship before meeting her husband, she appreciates more the kind of man Bugingo is.

Buried in the same coffin

Separately, a British couple who had been together for 72 years died hours apart. They met when they were 15 years old and became inseparable.

Both 87 years old, June died on June 9 2022, at a nursing home, and Allan followed around 21 hours later in the hospital where he was being treated for cancer.

Couple die holding hands

In 2021, Cal Dunham, 59, and his wife Linda, 66, reportedly died one minute apart while holding hands.

The couple had started feeling unwell while they were on a family trip. On the third day, they decided to seek medical attention, and that is when the doctors diagnosed them with Covid 19.

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