Mutt launches the Mushman scrambler model in 125cc and 250cc versions

On 14 February 2023 in Birmingham, UK-based bike company Mutt officially unveiled its revamped Mushman model with two versions, a 125cc and a 250cc version. 


Both versions have single-cylinder engines with a five-speed gearbox. The 125cc version has a torque of 10Nm, while the 250cc has 18 Nm of torque. Other differences include a combined braking system (CBS) on the 125, while the 250 gets an ABS system.

The Mutt Mushman has 18-inch wheels with black rims, Knobby tyres, black handlebars, black rubber grips with a diamond pattern, a black seat and LED lighting.

The name of this model is a reference to racer and sometimes actor Steve McQueen, who was known for his passion for scrambler models. Both the Mutt Mushman 125 and the 250 are available on order in the UK, by order. There is no official information, if the model might head to Europe soon.

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