Lin Jarvis doesn’t expect Yamaha to switch to a V4 engine: ‘It would be a disadvantage’

After the departure of Suzuki, Yamaha is the only manufacturer in MotoGP today that sticks with an in-line four-cylinder engine design – the remaining four manufacturers have V4 solutions.

And that is not likely to change in the future. Yamaha team director Lin Jarvis explained on the YouTube channel PecinoGP that he doesn’t expect changes to the engine architecture during the current regulatory cycle: ‘The current regulations are valid until the end of 2026, so until the end of 2026 we don’t I imagine we change the engine design. This is not my personal expectation’.

In Jarvis opinion, Yamaha would even be at a disadvantage if it changed its concept at this moment: ‘Designing a new V4 for Yamaha, if we wanted to change to a V4, in my opinion it would be a disadvantage compared to our opponents, because they have many , many, years of experience with V4 four strokes and we would have to start. This is not a process you can do in a year, probably not even in two years. So if we changed the engine design format, I would expect it to be in the new regulations’.

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