Kenyans Vs Nigerians: Another Vicious Battle on Social Media

  • Kenyans took on their Nigerian counterparts in a Twitter battle majorly in relation to the West African nation’s recent elections
  • Hiding behind the #KenyaVsNigeria banner, the local compatriots appeared to be making jest at their counterparts’ elections
  • Nigerians elected 70-year-old Bola Tinubu as their president, Kenyans now claiming the electorate had ended their state

The Kenyan netizens could be the most vicious in the interwebs if a probe is conducted judiciously.

After clashing online with their counterparts from other nations, among them Tanzania and Uganda, Kenyan social media users are now on the case of Nigerians.

On Saturday, February 25, Nigerians partook in a general election, out of which Bola Ahmed Tinubu took the ultimate lead in the presidential vote.

The septuagenarian edged over 61-year-old Peter Obi who had manifested great prospects of succeeding Muhammadu Buhari who took over the reins of power in 2015.

Claims emerged that Tinubu alias Jagaban had been rigged in by Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Owing to the conduct of the election, Kenyans took to Twitter to juxtapose the events in Nigeria and those in their country during the 2022 vote.

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