How Moi University is Working with Amazon, Lenovo to Set up Fully Digital Campus for Online Studies

Moi University is in talks with Amazon Web Services, Lenovo and Vmware Limited to operationalise and equip its Centre for Competence in Digital Education (C-CoDE)

Masibo Lumala, PhD said that if people can fully work from home then students can fully study at home calling for a change in attitude in integrating technology in learning

The don said higher education institutions should stop being rigid and change the way they deliver content to enable learners meet emerging labour market demands

In an era where technology is at the core of key social and economic activities globally, education cannot be left out in this transition and new way of life.

Moi University Institute of Open and Distance E-Learning (IODeL) Director Masibo Lumala PhD said that it was time for universities to embrace technology in teaching if they want to produce students that will match labour market demands beyond 2030.

Working from home successes

According to Masibo, if people can work from home, then there should be no reason why they should not be able to study from home.

Working and studying from home are facilitated by the availability of gadgets that can connect to the internet and content that can be channeled through web-based channels and applications.

“If we can work from home, why is it so hard to study from home? This is the question that participants at a Tech Summit in Nairobi today,” Masibo said.

COVID-19 disruption of higher education

He acknowledged that the COVID-19 pandemic had altered higher education landscape globally and augmented the importance of embracing technology in Education.

“We cannot transform our education if we remain rigid and continue to deliver our teaching and learning in the four-walled classrooms!

“We cannot continue to prepare and deliver content the way we did 15 or 20 years ago and expect our graduates to meet the needs of employers in 2030 and beyond,” Masibo observed.

The passionate Communications lecturer and Gender Specialist reiterated that it was time for education stakeholders to prioritise digitizing universities as he shed light on the progress Moi University had made.

Moi University in talks with Amazon and Lenovo to facilitate digital campus

“Through Moi University IODeL we are taking measures that we fully embrace technology, and ensure that both students and staff are fully empowered to enjoy the benefits of a digital campus,” disclosed Masibo.

He called on education stakeholders to change their attitude towards technologies, acquire right digital skills and fully embrace cloud computing and learning management platforms that are friendly and easy to navigate.

The University situated in Uasin Gishu county is already engaging partners in its journey towards embracing a digital campus model.

“As a University we are talking to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Lenovo and Vmware Limited to ensure that when our Centre for Competence in Digital Education (C-CoDE) is fully operational, thanks to EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), we are fully operational and take full advantage of the well-equipped digital studio thereof,” Masibo added. had captured story of the lecturer narrating how he wore his mother’s shoes when joining high school because his family had no money to afford a new pair.

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