Red Bull, Sergio Perez does not trust: his reflection

Despite dominance in testing, some doubts are there.

Red Bull ready to hit the track for the Bahrain Grand Prix, strong on the feedback from the three days of testing at the same circuit. The excellent results both chronometric and reliability, however, are not enough to make Sergio Perez calm.

In fact, the Mexican driver has advanced the doubt that in the race weekend the balance may change. “I think the tests have not represented the real level of preparation of the various teams,” Perez said in fact. “In Red Bull we feel strong, and it seems that we really are. Everything, however, depends on how the single-seater will perform over the coming weekend. At the Bahrain Grand Prix we aim to be consistent.”

“The RB19 performed really well during testing,” Perez stressed, however, “The responses after the changes we adopted were good. But now I’m looking forward to racing again, to see how we do in qualifying and then in the race. What really matters is this.”

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