Honda PCX125 – a more aerodynamic and aggressive line

The Honda PCX125 is a 125cc scooter popular around the world, especially in Europe and Asia. The latest version, released in 2021, features several improvements over previous versions, including a new design, performance enhancements and improved safety features.


One of the most noticeable changes on the new Honda PCX125 is the more modern and stylish design. The new front fairing has a more aerodynamic and aggressive line, with integrated LED headlights and sharper, more defined lines. In addition, the seat has also been redesigned, offering greater comfort for rider and passenger.

The PCX125 features a 125cc single-cylinder engine, producing 9.2kW / 8,750rpm and 11.8Nm / 6,500rpm of torque. This performance is sufficient for smooth riding in the city and on roads, but is also capable of higher speeds on motorways.


The new PCX125 also features some important safety improvements, including a standard ABS braking system and automatic emergency lighting (ESS), which quickly flashes the headlights in the event of more aggressive braking. The model also comes equipped with a smart key, which allows the scooter to be started without the need to insert the key into the ignition.


Another significant improvement in the new PCX125 is the inclusion of a full digital instrument panel, with information such as speed, RPM, fuel gauge and battery charge level. The scooter also comes with a USB socket for charging electronic devices, as well as an under-seat storage space that is large enough for a helmet.


The new Honda PCX125 is a modern and enhanced scooter that combines style, performance and safety to offer an enjoyable and reliable riding experience. With these improvements, the PCX125 remains one of the most popular options for those looking for a nimble and affordable means of transportation to get around town.

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