Nate Thrasher reigned in Arlington’s AMA 250 Triple Crown

Arlington hosted this weekend the seventh journey of Monster Energy Supercross, with Nate Thrasher getting the best in a day with three main races.

This was a different round, with three races in dispute. More races mean more risks but also more potential rewards. In the first race Hunter Lawrence got the Holeshot, with Tom Vialle and Max Anstie in his fourth, before Nate Thrasher starts gaining positions until reaching second. Hardy Munoz’s crash resulted in two more crashes, while on the front, he made a mistake and lost the momentum he was having. Lawrence took the opportunity to dig a difference between them and secure the win in the first race of the night.

Race 1:

1. Hunter Lawrence

2. Nate Thrasher

3. Max Anstie

In the second race of the night Jordon Smith secured the Holeshot but a return later began to emerge changes in the riders behind him. Thrasher arrived third after hitting Hunter Lawrence, later reaching the second after surpassing his teammate, Haiden Deegan, who could not keep third place before Lawrence’s pressure seven minutes from the end. Near the end of the end wasted time with a lapped rider and Hunter was harmed by it, eventually touching the trasher wheel and crashing. Still resumed the race immediately and maintained the position.

Race 2:

1. Jordon Smith

2. Nate Thrasher

3. Hunter Lawrence

The third race of the night began with some drama, since Lawrence crashed early in the race, taking with him Max Anstie. The struggle for the Overall victory was strongly conditioned right away. Thrasher led Michael Mosiman in second and Jordon Smith closing the top three but almost everything would change until the end. Mosiman and Smith got on the ground four minutes to the end, dragging other riders in the incident. Lawrence was gaining positions after the initial start but it was in front that they were all the eyes… with more drama in Arlington. Nate Thrasher, who led, crashed and only the great advantage he had allowed him to climb the bike and save a third place. But the crash changed the head of the race, with Jeremy Martin inheriting the lead and securing the win. Tom Vialle was second.

Race 3:

1. Jeremy Martin

2. Tom Vialle

3. Nate Thrasher

With these results the victory at Overall would eventually belong to Nate Thrasher, he who did not earn any of the three races but was, however, the most consistent. Jordon Smith was second and Hunter Lawrence saved a presence on the final podium, third. This was Overall’s top five in Arlington in AMA Supercross class 250:

1. Nate Thrasher

2. Jordon Smith

3. Hunter Lawrence

4. Tom Vialle

5. Max Anstie

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