King Charles and Prince William: Rare and private photos of the Royals that are worth thousands revealed

People in the UK and all over the world are crazy about the Royal Family and every little detail about them. These rare unseen pictures are expected to go worth more than thousands as Stephen Drake – in charge of the photos at the Willingham Auctions in Cambridgeshire – declared ‘sky is the limit on price.’

Rare unseen Royal Family photo auction

The 22 photos will be auctioned at Willingham Auctions in Cambridgeshire on March 4 at 10am. In the pictures, Princess Diana, King Charles and three-month-old Prince William are captured like a regular family as they happily spend time with each other.

According to experts, the collection is predicted to go for tens of thousands as there has been a fervent interest in Royal Family memorabilia since the death of the former monarch – Queen Elizabeth II. Stephen Drake explained:

There were lots of photos taken of Princess Diana but these offer a really personal insight.

The collection of photos is a real one-off, you will never come across another set of photos like this.

In the photos, Diana, Charles and William look like a complete family group. You see a lot of press photos but these are nothing like those, they are being photographed as normal people, which for royalty is an amazing experience to see.

The photos were taken during a visit by British Airways businessman – Baron King. Drake added:

The sky is the limit on the price. We have never had anything like this before.

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The premium feature of the rare unseen Royal Family photos

Mirror reported, there have been many pictures of the Royal Family that have been in circulation, but these sets of rare and unseen photos have an added benefit to them. The collection of photos – which can be seen here comes with the negatives. Drake confirmed:

Plenty of pictures have been sold of Princess Diana before, but nothing as relaxed as this and nothing as early in her marriage.

The collection of photos comes with the negatives so whoever buys it will own the copyright and that is the premium.

There are also no other copies of these photos out there, these are the only ones. We’ll see what happens on the day, we have high hopes.

Prince William Reacts

According to Hello Magazine, the collection of photos was sent to the office of the then-Duke of Cambridge in 2016. After receiving the photos, Prince William was more than delighted to see the pictures and was ‘touched’ by them. Expressing his gratitude for pictures of him as a newborn, the royal also appreciated the discretion with which the photos were handled until then.

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